Delivering Families First in Cardiff






Delivering Families First in Cardiff

The Families First programme is managed by Cardiff Council and has been delivering services in Cardiff since 2013.

The programme also included a team who work with families who have more complex needs to ensure that the services work together as their Team Around the Family. This team also delivers the Families First Freephone service.






Each year, the Families First programme publishes an annual review and demographic information about the Families First service users:















Help with Parenting is one of the most important services provided by Families First. The Families First team make sure that the organisations that provide parenting deliver evidence-based parenting programmes. You can find out more about the Parenting Services that are on offer in Cardiff in the Parenting Framework and Parenting Directory.

However, Families First is changing – more information about the plans for new services can be found here.


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