Cardiff and Vale Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award

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The Cardiff and Vale Healthy Snack Award is open to playgroups, Mudiad Meithrins, childminders, nurseries, Flying Start groups and after school clubs.

They can achieve the award if recommended healthy snacks and drinks are provided and if hygiene and eating environment guidelines are followed. Having the award shows commitment to helping children eat well and develop good eating habits for life. Those who are part of the scheme are asked to display the snack award logo and the award is valid for 2 years.

Settings who hold the Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award Plus also have a member of staff trained in food and nutrition for children.

If your child attends any of the above groups or childcare, ask them if they have the award. Settings interested in joining the scheme can contact the Public Health Dietetics Team on 02920 907699 or 02922 330369 (for Flying Start).

The Cardiff and Vale Gold Standard Healthy Snack Award is supported by a number of partner agencies.

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